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Adventure Academy

Child Development Center

265 South 84th: 402-483-6455

301 South 48th Street: 402-805-4224

580 Prairie Vire Lane: 402-792-2177

4622 W Huntington Ave: 402-438-0491

3258 South 13th: 531-289-1650

5900 S 85th St: 402-432-8916


Our infant room gives very young children a chance to explore the world around them. This is accomplished with a variely of interesting pictures, colors and soft toys. Infants are exposed to soft textures and a variety of music, from children's songs to classical, to stimulate the senses.

Older infants, weather permitting, get a chance to be outdoors on our toddler playground or to take walks in our "buggy" to get a sense of the outside, natural world around them.


In the infant room, everything is done on a "demand" basis. Therefore, there is no true "schedule" for this room. As the infants in this room get closer to 12 months of age, we will start to implement a schedule to prepare them for the transition into the Toddler Room.


We will accommodate your wishes for the feeding of your child. The Infant Room has a refrigerator and microwave if your child is breast-fed. If you use formula, you may leave a supply with us and we will let you know when you are running low, or you may bring pre-made bottles each day. As well, if you are nursing, you are more than welcome to come by and feed you child on-site.

As your child begins to eat solid foods, please keep us informed of any allergies or intolerances, or any special dietary needs.   

What We Believe

Our family owned business is built through the devotion of our staff. The director and teachers work together with you and your child in an open, nurturing, learning-based enviroment where we respect the dignity of every child and Family.