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Adventure Academy

Child Development Center

265 South 84th: 402-483-6455

301 South 48th Street: 402-805-4224

580 Prairie Vire Lane: 402-792-2177

4622 W Huntington Ave: 402-438-0491

3258 South 13th: 531-289-1650

5900 S 85th St: 402-432-8916


Our Preschool Room is a world of opportunities! From hands-on learning centers and sensory tables to daily Circle Time and computer stations, the learning never ends. Children in this group begin to understand things as opposed to simply learning about them. A number of techniques are used for this process:

Circle Time:

Each day begins with a Circle Time where children develop language through singing, reading and learning rhymes. Math and Science skills begin here as well, as we count the days of the month and study temperature and the different seasons. Children learn that listening skills and manners are necessary for large group participation.


Daily art projects incorporate a weekly theme and use a large variety of mediums and materials. Children begin to understand the science of color and they study the effects of mixing different colors. Children are free to use their imagination to create their own works of art as they develope personal expression.

Sensory Tables:

Our sand and water table let children sift, pour, mix and measure. With this table, children learn the basic chemistry of different substances and the mathematics of quantity and volume.

Computer Center:

Always a favorite, the Computer Center offers a variety of different games and learning activities. Our desks, chairs and even the keyboards and mouse are all child-sized just for them. At the Computer Center, children develolp hand-eye coordination, language and math skills and develop a sense of logic. Children also learn sharing and cooperation skills when working with a partner.


We have an extensive library for our children that includes everything from basic picture books for infants to full text reading books for our older children. We also have an audio library wher children are able to listen to books on tape through the use of individual headphones. Whether reading on their own, being read to in a group or listening to a story on tape, children begin to explore, learn and understand the language necessary for communication.

Overall, our preschool is a structured yet flexible program. Children learn to follow directions and they find comfort in having a daily routine. There is always a chance to relax, have fun and exhaust a little energy during free play and outdoor play.